International Coffee Day

#InternationalCoffeeDay ☕ or ICD is October 1st and will mark the 4th annual celebration. Past the jitters, social media post, and the long lines at Starbucks. This year's theme is "Women in Coffee, opens a new window" which makes a lot of sense in an industry with a large gender gap.

Like in many industries the women's role has been undervalued and ignored and a movement to eradicate such practices is currently underway. One crucial way to help is by supporting women-owned shops, opens a new window.

Downside of Coffee

I'm not going to sass you with latest new coffee flavors or trends. Instead, I'd like to point out that revenues from independent coffee growers are still down according to an article from  The New York Times, opens a new window. Coffee lovers will be dissatisfied, opens a new window to learn that the many certifications, opens a new window from producers have little bearing on sustainability. Specially in places like Ethiopia where climate change, deforestation, and poverty issues are pressing.

Here are some great books that touch on these topics:


Brewing Justice

Where the Wild Coffee Grows

Uncommon Grounds

Upside of Coffee

But enough of the disappointing news. There is a bright side to coffee! Coffee drinkers continue to exhibit healthier habits associated with lower risk of high blood pressure (hypertension), Parkinson's Disease and type 2 diabetes. Harvard scientists have run several studies on the benefits of coffee, opens a new window. The Coffee Lover’s Diet book by Bob Arnot M.D. also touches on the health potential of coffee, explaining how to consume coffee strategically to enable specific benefits, including weight loss and resilience against disease.

The Coffee Lover's Diet (Book)

The Coffee Lover's Diet (Downloadable Audiobook)

Cooking With Coffee

Why limit the delights of coffee to the cup? A coffee bean's toasty, robust taste also works wonders in hearty sauces, spice rubs, marinades, chilies and more. You’ll find some great recipes that use coffee as an ingredient in The Marley Coffee Cookbook by Rohan Marley.

Do you have any delicious recipes that use coffee as an ingredient? Share below!