Immerse Yourself in a New Language

If you’re planning for a future international trip or simply want to learn a new language from home, we’ve got exciting news. San Mateo County Libraries is now offering Pronunciator for all of your language learning goals! All you need is your San Mateo County Libraries card (card starting with “29041”) to get started.

Pronunciator offers courses in 163 languages (including ESL and ASL). You can create customized language courses based on your needs – whether you’re learning for fun, work, or a future vacation destination. Pronunciator languages have an average of 10,000 instructional phrases each.

You can also learn a new language in your “home language,” meaning the language you speak at home. Offering 144 home language courses, Pronunciator courses provides translations, interfaces, audio lessons, and often narrators and virtual coaches to help you learn any language more easily. You can create personalized courses from any home language you like!

COVID-19 Courses

Pronunciator now offers self-directed online COVID-19 language courses, opens a new window in 101 languages. These courses teach vocabulary (e.g. “quarantine,” “pandemic,” etc.) and phrases (e.g. “I’m having difficulty breathing,” “Is it an emergency?”, etc.) relevant to the COVID-19 crisis. This is ideal for both the general public, healthcare providers, and other frontline workers when communicating across multiple languages.

ProCitizen: Study for the Naturalization Test

In addition to Pronunciator, San Mateo County Libraries also offers ProCitizen. This service can help learners prepare for the civics, reading, and writing portions of the Naturalization Test. Through a series of 100 informative videos, practice exercises and quizzes, ProCitizen can help you successfully pass the Naturalization Test.

You can access ProCitizen both in English or en español.

Want to brush up on the ins and outs of our language program? Be sure to check out our Pronunciator, opens a new window tutorial.

Which language are you going to learn first? Let us know in the comments.