Imagine Dragons – “Natural”

This summer was revitalized with the very alluring track by Imagine Dragons, "Natural." The intro itself does not fall short of what FIFA World Cup fans could use, whether your country's team made the cut to compete or made it to the finals.

Nothing shy of a throwback street revival of sound people are always moved by, from what could be hymns often found in churches, the smooth-spoken word feel of the intro politely keeps your hand from wanting to speed up the track or change it to something else entirely.

As a magical sequence of lyrics, it will likely make your playlist as the sound is about perseverance. There is no surprise why the song was chosen to be ESPN's anthem, opens a new window for the college football season.

Personally, I'm a fan of the underground music scene and not a fan of bands going mainstream. I feel the unique sound of the artist or group gets watered down. I love how the music not only moves you as a listener but has a cry embedded in its transitions to not be that member of society submerged by the grasp of technology. Yes, I mean a non-religious apocalypse letting your ever-precious humanity go to waste.

A bittersweet ending to the song is the absence of fading out. For anyone who grew up in the era where house parties were populated by complete strangers wanting to have a fun evening – you know the heartache of the fun ending abruptly with the presence of law enforcement. As you make the mad dash from the party you smile knowing that the stress was ALL WORTH IT!

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