Get Your Tech in Tip-Top Shape: Clean Up Your Computer Month

January isn’t just about chilly weather and cozying up with a book at San Mateo County Libraries—it's National Clean Up Your Computer Month!

Why clean up your computer? Beyond protecting yourself from cybersecurity breaches, performing these digital hygiene best practices can mean you'll have a faster computer with a longer lifespan. Join us as we dive into the ultimate tech TLC guide!

Digital Hygiene 101

  • Declutter: Delete old files and photos you no longer need and uninstall unused apps and programs. Empty the digital trash—less clutter, more space for things you love!
  • Check for Updates: Keep your software and apps up to date. Think of updates as your computer’s safety shield protecting it from cyber-villains.
  • Set Strong Passwords: Set strong, unique passwords for your accounts. Check out our blog post “Protect Yourself with Better Password Security” for more in-depth tips!
  • Backup Brigade: Back up important files regularly. It’s your computer’s safety net in case of emergencies.
  • Phishing Alert: Don’t click on suspicious links or attachments in emails. Slow your scroll and hover over the email address of any sender that seems fishy to check for inconsistencies. 

Looking to polish your computer skills even more? Swing by your community library for weekly drop-in tech tutor sessions! Our friendly experts are ready to answer tech questions and troubleshoot any issue, big or small. Plus, check out our Senior Surf computer classes which cover a variety of tech topics!

Weekly Drop-In Tech Help

In addition to drop-in tech help, we provide one-hour appointments you can book with our tech tutors.

Senior Surf Classes

Explore our shelves for popular reads on digital hygiene and personal cybersecurity. From beginner-friendly tips to expert-level strategies, there’s a book waiting to be your tech sidekick!

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