Explore the World of LEGO With This New Pop-Up Book

When was the last time you spent a good hour reading a pop-up book? One of the great perks of working at Access Services is that we get to see – and play with – all of the new books that come in. We certainly had a great time with this intricately-designed pop-up book on the history of LEGO.

Matthew Reinhart’s LEGO Pop-up: A Journey Through the LEGO Universe seems to defy the laws of gravity and, well, paper folding. Even if you’re not a LEGO aficionado, you can’t help but smile when a car turns into a T-Rex with the pull of a tab.

See? I don’t want to spoil too much of it, but here are some details from the illustrations.

The interactive features, such as the ability to mix and match clothing and faces on LEGO people, makes for a highly entertaining book. It will be available soon so place a hold on it today:

LEGO Pop-up

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What's your favorite pop-up book? Let us know in the comments.