Experience Virtual Reality at SMCL Libraries

Have you ever wanted to fly along the California coastline, skimming across tidepools and sand dunes? Do you wonder what it might be like to lift your paintbrush off the canvas and paint the air, literally stepping into the artwork? What would it feel like to walk through a museum and realize the exhibits have come to life and a Tyrannosaurus is now eyeing you for lunch?

Virtual Reality is the tech gadget of the year, with offerings now available from many major tech companies. With so many different options to choose from, where do you start your VR journey? With your local library! Come to our VR Experience events and try these experiences for yourself, then comment down below. Staff will post their favorites in the comments below.

I believe virtual reality will drive a technical revolution in the way we interact with our digital devices. This VR revolution will be on the same scale as the introduction of the keyboard or mouse to personal computing. At San Mateo County Libraries, we are excited step ahead of the curve and make this technology available in our community.

Experience One of Our Upcoming VR Events

Check our events listing for upcoming Virtual Reality experiences.

Have you already experienced VR? Tell us about your favorite adventure in the comments below.