Experience a Cave Adventure at the Library!

Did you have fun crawling through a simulated cave adventure last year and want to do it again? Do you want the opportunity to climb a vertical wall at the library? In January, you can do all that and more as we bring back CaveSim, an all-in-one portable caving experience! 

Some of our libraries are excited to be hosting this interactive cave exploration where all ages can crawl and climb through CaveSim to learn about caves and test their careful-explorer skills. As you wriggle your way through 60 feet of artificial cave passage, you'll learn about responsible caving while trying to preserve delicate cave "formations."

Interested in practicing your climbing skills? CaveSim has a 12-foot tower for a vertical caving adventure. You'll also get hands-on practice with a cave rescue stretcher, a working cave rescue phone and learn about bat biology. While the cave is not wheelchair accessible, some children who use wheelchairs have explored CaveSim by crawling through the simulation.  

If you’re interested in doing some real cave exploring, we recommend you connect with groups who know how to explore caves safely. Learn more about local groups and the importance of cave exploration. 

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