Everyone Is a Maker

Yes, you are a maker. From sewing to soldering, cooking to coding, a maker is anyone with a desire to create, innovate, and learn along the way. Everyone is a Maker is the title of our new roadmap for a systemwide network of makerspaces throughout San Mateo County. We aim to encourage creative failure and teach timeless skills - problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity - through STEAM activities, and to build an inclusive community of makers.

In September, we finalized our Makerspace Master Plan, which was developed with input from community meetings and over 1,300 respondents to an online survey. This plan will help us focus our efforts to provide free, inclusive, and flexible spaces that facilitate connected learning. All of our libraries will have access to this network of spaces, tools, equipment, and expertise. Browse our Building Projects page to view the progress in some of our buildings and stay tuned for upcoming posts about a new maker vehicle!

If you’re interested in joining a coding workshop, brushing up on your drawing skills, want to dabble with a 3D printer, or any other maker activity, then come browse our ever growing collection of maker programs.

What's your favorite maker event? Let us know below.