Discover the Many Benefits of Dungeons & Dragons!

Want to learn how to start playing Dungeons & Dragons, or are you interested in learning what this popular role-playing game is? Look no further, as San Mateo County Libraries offers a multitude of resources and events to help you get engaged with this growing community of adventurers.

How to Get Started With Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons, or D&D, is a tabletop role-playing game. This means that players create characters in a fantasy setting, verbally setting the scene and the actions they want their characters to take. All it takes to play D&D is a vivid imagination and a group of brave companions, making this a perfect creative and social activity for teens and adults alike.

Our libraries offer a chance to try D&D in librarian-run single sessions, or “one shots,” or with continuing campaigns. These events are intended for middle and high school students. Join us for Dungeons & Dragons events by signing up to participate at a library near you, today!

Expressing Creativity and Finding Connection

In a world rich with monsters, heroes and fantastical tales of glory, D&D players are offered an opportunity to create a character that they can freely express themselves with. Whether it’s a wise elf who can’t muster up their courage, a sorcerer nervous about learning new magic or a barbarian who’s scared of their own strength, the players who create the characters always put a bit of themselves into these personas.

Real-world issues in the players' lives might be reflected in their characters' actions, as well as the need to escape from social and peer pressure. In Dungeons & Dragons, role-playing offers a safe space for teens and young adults who might otherwise struggle to process or work through those complicated emotions associated with adolescence.

How Dungeons & Dragons Encourages Reading and Writing

Dungeons & Dragons is also a great excuse to read and write! Through creating a story or character, you’re encouraged to navigate this fantasy setting in an artistic manner. The San Mateo County Libraries’ catalog contains official D&D books, comics and movies to help inspire your very own story.

Player's Handbook

Monster Manual

This blog was written by Liam Gaffney, Library Assistant at Belmont Library.