Come Join Us for a Celebration of Latinx Heritage

Latinx Heritage Month is celebrated between September 15 and October 15. It was initially created to honor the various Independence Day dates of many Latin American countries including, but not limited to, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Chile. Nowadays this special time is used to honor all Latinx countries in North, Central, and South America.

San Mateo County Libraries is proud to honor Latinx history by offering special musical performances, art programs, dance, and loteria games! Come join us this month and immerse yourself in a little bit of Latinx sabor!

Why Latinx?

We at San Mateo County Libraries pride ourselves in promoting inclusivity and safe spaces for all patrons. Latinx has become an inclusive term in modern-day lexicon to refer to all those who consider themselves Latinos, Latinas, or gender expansive Latin Americans.

Children’s Programs

Cascada de Flores

Join us for a bilingual, participatory, and original story (¡Aqui- les va... un cuento! - The Treasure of Aquiles) told with music, dance, and you! Aquiles, a boy whose pueblo is barren of dance, music, and song, sets out on an adventure with his favorite morral (a bag filled with his favorite things). Along the way, he learns how to sing from a bee, the joy of rhythm from a horse, and to dance from a flea. Aquiles’ morral becomes his treasure: filled with stories, songs, games, dances, and rhymes–which he brings back to his town.


Play Loteria at the library! This fun Mexican version of bingo is a great way to practice your Spanish. Play with us and earn a small prize!

Art of Weaving

Are you a crafty person? Join us as we learn to weave using a simple loom and practice on a much larger beginner’s loom.

Check out the below Kanopy movies on traditional weaving in Ecuador, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Backstrap Weaving In Mexico & Guatemala

The Zapotec Way - Dyeing and Weaving at La Grana Tejidos

Weaving the Future


Screen Printing

Explore the DIY-artist and maker inside you! Have you ever wondered how the graphic on your favorite t-shirt or tote bag was printed? Join us for a screen-printing party at your local library. Learn how to use our printing press and how you can become an expert at this printing technique. We will supply a Latinx inspired design and you will get to print on a tote bag, a poster, or bring your own blank t-shirt.


Sandor y Su Mecánica

Cuban beats with a percussion that will get you dancing in your chair or on foot. Sandor takes influences of Caribbean and Afro-Latino rhythms. This is part of the genius behind his collaborating with his percussion colleagues. All ages and abilities welcome.

Mariachi Los Toritos

This student lead group based out of East Palo Alto has a long-standing history of teaching and providing an alternative music education to Latinx youth. Enjoy the classic tunes of Mexican Mariachi.

Michelle Pollace Latin Jazz

Michelle is an award-winning musician and composer that brings with her a number of new compositions and old favorites. Her music is a whirlwind of cadence and rhythms set to easy listening jazz.

How do you honor Latinx history? Let us know below!