Are You Ready for Stranger Things Season 2?

Season 2 Is Finally in Sight!

The 80s were an interesting time in popular culture. We got things like Pac-Man, cellphones, and Back to the Future. A decade revered by so many, it is unsurprising to see current pop culture pay homage. July 2016 Netflix released Stranger Things, opens a new window to unanimous praise and countless awards nominations and wins, opens a new window. 15 months later and everyone is bursting at the seams with anticipation as Netflix prepares to release season 2 on October 27th (That's tomorrow! :-)).

What Is This Season Going to Be About? (Some Spoilers for Season 1)

What we know thus far is that it is going to take place one year after the events of the first season, Fall 1984 is what was revealed in the first trailer released earlier this year. The story will continue exploring the supernatural elements surrounding the small town of Hawkins and how they try to return to normalcy, as impossible and elusive as they may find it. We will find out how Will's life has changed after the events of season one and how he is coping with visions he is having of the "upside-down". Are they real or are they some form of PTSD?

Why Is This Show So Well Regarded?

Some say it's the music, or that the kids are written in a believable manner. I think it's a combination of all those things along with the references to 80s films that inspired the show, without feeling overbearing or too obvious. Couple all these things with a lovingly written sci-fi script and it is easy to see why people latched on immediately. Even Netflix was so confident in the success of Stranger Things that they ordered a second season before the first had even made it out.

Stranger things Volume one : a Netflix original series (Music CD)

Stranger things Volume two : a Netflix original series (Music CD)

One oddity about this show is that for whatever reason, Netflix has not released it outside of their service (iTunes, DVD, Blu-Ray, etc...) Hopefully, one day we will see it come to brick and mortar stores!

Just in time for Halloween, Stranger Things returns with season 2 on October 27th

Meanwhile, here are some of the best things from the 80s!


Ghostbusters (1984)

Aliens (1986)

Stand By Me (1986)

Back to the Future


Stranger Things: Volume One

The Essential Michael Jackson

Prince - Purple Rain


The Wonder Years

Miami Vice


How excited are you for Stranger Things? Would you like to see this come to physical media (and the library)? Sound off bellow!

Updated November 2, 2017: Target has released an exclusive collector’s Blu-ray + DVD, opens a new window of the show’s first season, designed to look like a faded and worn VHS tape.