New Year’s Resolution

The arrival of the new year often generates feelings for renewal and starting fresh with celebrations and New Year’s resolutions. New year celebrations date as far back as ancient Babylon around 4,000 years ago. Now, there are various ways to ring in the new year from attending parties to resolving to achieve personal goals in […]

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Movies for the Winter Solstice

We all love the magical feeling in the air when the holidays approach: The twinkling lights; that pine needle smell; hot cocoa on the stove; a chance to ice skate (if you're lucky enough to live near an ice rink). But the Winter Solstice is coming up this Thursday, which means we'll have the fewest […]

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eMagazines Are Your Holiday Helper

It’s the most wonderful time of year: Festive lights are up, cookies are bountiful, and carols seem to follow you wherever you go. But wait, Christmas is how many days away? And, whoa, Hanukkah has already started? Kwanzaa starts when? And you haven’t bought gifts for anyone yet? If this scenario sounds relatable, don’t stress […]

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Noon Year’s Eve

It’s time to ring in the new year! Come celebrate with fun and food at the library. Select libraries will be having family friendly parties at noon, complete with a new year’s eve countdown! This allows parents with young children to celebrate the New Year without staying up until midnight. Check our events to see […]

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National Cookie Day

Are you ready for the holidays? It's National Cookie Day, and a perfect holiday gift is a delicious batch of homemade cookies. National Cookie Day was created in 1987 by Matt Nader of the San Francisco-based Blue Chip Cookie Company, who said: “It’s just like having National Secretaries Day… It will just be a fun […]

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Celebrate Thanksgiving

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is coming up fast! If your Thanksgiving is anything like mine that means lots of cooking, family, and maybe some stress (or a lot). But don’t worry. The library has you covered. Check out our thanksgiving recommendations below for an awesome thanksgiving celebration. Cookbooks for Thanksgiving Dinner Inspiration The New […]

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National Sandwich Day

It’s November! We are officially knee deep in the food heavy holiday season. But there’s one food themed holiday you may not know about. November 3rd is National Sandwich Day. Why November 3rd? Well that’s because on November 3rd, 1718, John Montagu a.k.a the 4th Earl of Sandwich was born. He’s credited with inventing the […]

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Come Celebrate Diwali!

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. Diwali celebrates light, good, knowledge, and hope. To celebrate, lights are lit and placed all around the household, around temples and community buildings. Diwali is celebrated over a 5-day period with the main celebration on day 3. This year, the main […]

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National Voter Registration Day

September 26, 2017 In an election, every voice is equally powerful—don't underestimate your vote. Voting is the great equalizer. - Maya Angelou Lift Every Voice Every year millions of Americans find themselves unable to vote because they miss a registration deadline, don’t update their registration, or aren’t even sure how to register. Don't let that […]

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