Community Bulletin Board Policy

San Mateo County Libraries provides bulletin boards and/or other spaces for posting and display of information of community interest. Community interest is understood to include civic, cultural, and educational information. Priority is given to Library programs; Friends of the Library events and information; and local community events, information, and issues.

  • While providing space, San Mateo County Libraries does not endorse, guarantee or insure the events or information on display or the truth or reliability thereof. Religious, personal and sales notices or ads are not posted.
  • During local, state and federal elections, nonpartisan pro & con informational material may be posted. No political candidate material, partisan political messages, petitions, or similar items are to be posted.
  • All items must be dated. Outdated material will be removed by Library staff. The Library is not responsible for saving notices.
  • The space is made available at the discretion of the San Mateo County Libraries. Please check with Library staff when you want to display material.

Approved by the Library JPA Governing Board on November 7, 2016.

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