Wild for Watermelon

Summer might be ending soon, but that is no reason to stop eating one of the most delicious fruits (or is it a vegetable) out there. Did you know that National Watermelon Day, opens a new window was this past Saturday, August 3rd? Seems like the perfect time to learn about this much-liked summer treat.

Although most people think of watermelon as the quintessential summer fruit, there is an actual real debate about whether it’s a fruit or vegetable, opens a new window. Some say it is a fruit, because botanically speaking, it is. It holds the seeds after flowering and is the fruit of a vine plant. Scientifically speaking, it is a member of the Cucurbitaceae, opens a new window plant family of gourds, related to cucumber, squash, and pumpkin. Because of this classification, as well as the way watermelons are planted and harvested, some consider this refreshing organic matter a veggie.

However, it doesn’t really matter whether you call it a vegetable or a fruit. It is full of vitamin C and potassium, and because it is 92% water, it serves as a great source of hydration and fluids. It's important to know about eating healthy, although sometimes that can be a challenge. 😉

There are some great library events coming up that can help you on eating healthy. Millbrae is having a great Farm to Fork presentation on Tuesday, August 6th at 6PM. To learn how to preserve and save delicious summer fruits, check out Preserving Our Summer Bounty at San Carlos on Saturday, August 24th at 2PM. If you were ever interested in finding out if any of those pesky weeds in your backyard are edible, go to Edible Weeds at Belmont on Sunday, August 25th at 2PM.

All this talking about watermelon has made me want to eat a lot of our country's most popular melon, opens a new window. I'll have to continue my search to find the perfect one to dig into. In the meantime, I'll read some of these fun stories and explore these fun cookbooks. Maybe you can give them a try as well!

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Do you have a favorite way to eat watermelon? Share it below!