What’s In at San Mateo County Libraries in 2024

At the library, we’re always one to break the mold. Finding what’s “cool” means finding what most feels like you.

Still, we thought it would be fun to chime in about what’s in and what’s out at the library. Hint: using free resources and celebrating intellectual freedom is in. Forgetting about the library and all we have to offer is out!

Read on to explore everything you can access with your library card, in 2024 and beyond.



  • Not having a library card
  • Being wasteful
  • Banning books
  • Paying for things you can borrow for free
  • Audiobook subscriptions you forget you have
  • Judging people’s reading choices
  • Making library resources hard to reach
  • Misinformation

How to Keep Up With the Library

There is always so much happening at the library and so many resources available year-round it's almost hard to know about all you can access. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your library card and keeping up with what's happening at San Mateo County Libraries.

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