Tips on Raising Your Little Grogu Into a Reader

As a Mandalorian, I've faced some of the galaxy's most formidable enemies, but raising Grogu (AKA "Baby Yoda") is a whole new universe of challenges. Blasters and beskar armor are essential in bounty hunting, but for The Child, there's something more important—"the Force" of literacy. Here are some tips on making sure your little one grows into a mighty and powerful master of reading.  

Lead From the Front 

The Child looks up to me, as I'm sure yours do too. Make sure they see you with physical or holo-books whenever possible to encourage their interest in reading.
A Jedi You Will Be

Start Young, Start Strong 

Even before Grogu had said his first word, I introduced him to "the Force" of books. Board books with vibrant images and simple words will surely secure their attention. 
Star Wars ABC-3PO

Make It Interactive 

Make stories fun and engaging by using different voices for characters and encourage Grogu to join in on the fun!
C-3PO Does Not Like Sand!

Establish a Routine

Just like capturing bounties, scheduling is key. Set aside regular time for reading every day.   

Are You Scared, Darth Vader?

Explore the Galaxy of Books 

Keep their curiosity alive by introducing them to the vast galaxy of literature, from Han Solo's adventures to tales of ancient Jedi.   
The Galaxy Needs You

Fly By Your Local Library 

When I take Grogu on trips to different planets, I always try to stop by that planet's local library. Let your child browse the shelves and pick out their own books to give them a sense of independence.

BB-8 on the Run

Patience Pays Off 

Not every bounty is collected on the first try, just as only some children take to reading right away. Keep offering books, keep reading together, and eventually, your child will master "the Force" of reading.  
R2-D2 Is Lost!

Celebrate the Victories

Just like every bounty is paid, when Grogu finishes a book or learns a new word, it's a cause for celebration. Positive reinforcement fosters a love for reading by making kids feel proud of their accomplishments. 

Raising your Grogus isn't just about teaching surviving in a dangerous galaxy. It's about giving him the tools to thrive, and literacy is the most powerful "Force" there is. With patience, persistence and a whole galaxy of stories, you can raise your little Grogu into a reader worthy of any adventure! Happy Star Wars Day, and "May the Fourth Be With You!"

Want to see more of Grogu's adventures? Check out this video of when he visited the library!