The Best Penguins in the World

World Penguin Day is celebrated on April 25th. What a wonderful time to think about all the penguins in the world, and fond penguin memories.

Most Penguins Are Southerners

Penguins live all over the world--but mostly in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia, South America, Antarctica, South Africa, and New Zealand are homes to penguins.

In Australia, I had the chance to see the world's smallest species of penguin, the fairy penguin, emerge from the ocean at dusk. Every evening, after a long day at sea, the 16 inch penguins return home to their land burrows, and many places such as Philip Island, opens a new window, near Melbourne, offer nature lovers the chance to see these cute, wild creatures in action. While you wait for the penguins to arrive, don't be surprised if a kangaroo comes bouncing down the beach!

The Snow Slide

Penguins are pretty famous for their waddling. Even Batman's enemy, The Penguin, opens a new window, is characterized by his slow, awkward walk. But guess what? Penguins sometimes have faster ways of moving. Of course, they're excellent swimmers. But did you know they also slide along the snow on their bellies? This snow sliding method of transportation helps them get around places like Antarctica a lot more quickly. Sounds pretty fun, too! I recently read that fact in the eBook Penguins (Snapshot Picture Library), opens a new window available on Hoopla.

Local Penguins

Anytime I visit the California Academy of Sciences, opens a new window, I just have to visit the African penguin exhibit. They're so great to observe, whether they're standing still as statues or darting to and fro in the water. The museum offers a live Penguin Cam, opens a new window so you can see the penguins from home anytime.

Or, you can download free California Academy of Sciences museum passes through SMCL's Discover & Go program!

Now that you're equipped with some penguin trivia, why not celebrate World Penguin Day with some cool penguin stories. Swim, don't waddle, to check out these great SMCL penguin picture books!

Penguin and Pumpkin

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And Tango Makes Three

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Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere!

Have a favorite penguin storybook or fact? What is your favorite type of penguin? Let us know in the comments.