Surprise Yourself! Read Beyond Your Comfort Zone

If you’re anything like me, you probably find yourself reading almost exclusively from one or two genres. Typically, booklovers have a few genres they love and stick with.

For me, it has always been fantasy and dystopian tales. This is not the most practical of reading habits for a librarian, but from the moment my father read The Hobbit to me as a child, fantasy has had my heart.  

There are so many genres to pick from, why limit your entertainment options? As library staff, not only am I exposed to so many more genres every day, but I also get to see what’s popular in our communities. I follow publishers and authors on social media. I get recommendations from patrons and get asked to give recommendations.

You ask me for a recommendation on a dystopian sci-fi book, I have you covered (Blackfish City by Sam J. Miller), but you want a recommendation for a light read to enjoy on your long weekend and I could only say “I know who to ask.”  

Like any booklover, we library staff have our niches. But it is because of that desire to be knowledgeable you will find many library staff members reading outside of our favorite genres.

Many of us will join or host book clubs or read books for teens and children. Reading more widely helps us to be more reliable book advisers. There is also joy in being able to connect with readers and guiding them to new experiences. It is why I try to recommend patrons read outside their norm. 

This book list shares with you some books I would not have read if I hadn’t stepped out of my normal genres (sci-fi and fantasy). These are books that I love and regularly recommend to patrons and that I give to family and friends on their birthdays. Here are some books to take a chance on:

Reading Beyond Your Comfort Zone

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Books I am grateful I stepped outside of my usual genre for, in no particular order.

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What new genres will you venture to try? Share in the comments below!