Supporting Your Kids’ Physical and Emotional Health

Just like the adults in their lives, children are likely seeking some extra support to feel safe and well right now. During Mental Health Awareness Month, opens a new window, now is a perfect time to talk to your children and seek wellness tips and insights.

If you are a parent or caregiver looking for ideas to help you and your family get through this time, we hope the following articles can offer a bit of guidance.

Advice From The New York Times

With your San Mateo County Libraries card, you can access The New York Times online, opens a new window 24/7, with unlimited views for free. Mandarin and Spanish versions are also available. The Times' parenting page, opens a new window has many helpful reads!

Need help accessing these articles? Grab your library card and read the instructions detailed here. You can also explore more of our electronic newspaper subscriptions here.

Insights From National Geographic

Craving more reading? National Geographic recently announced that they are providing everyone with free access to content related to COVID-19 on a page called Coronavirus Coverage, opens a new window. This is an external source, so you don't need your library card to access these articles.

In National Geographic's family section, opens a new window, you can find readings centered on supporting your children's mental health. To save you time, we found some articles that might be helpful to you:

Do you have a routine, activity or resource that is helping your family right now? Let us know in the comments.