Start Your Summer Adventure Off Right!

Let's begin our summer adventure together! We have a plethora of programs and materials to help you with your summer of fun. Hiking gear? We’ve got it. Bicycles for check out? We have those too. Health and wellness classes? Absolutely! Museum passes? Let’s Discover and Go! Check out the amazing adventures you can start with the help of your local library today. 

Go For a Bike Ride

Did you know that you can borrow a bike from our libraries? Our bikes come with everything you need from lights, a bike lock, chain, first aid kit and helmet. You can check out a bike for up to a week, so get riding today!

Healthy Summer Vibes

Discover ways to stay fit or try something new with our health and wellness offerings at the library. Our libraries host a wide variety of programs including tai chi, yoga, qigong, meditation, walking book clubs and so much more. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from fitness for our bodies to peace for our minds. Join one of our health and wellness events today!

Free Museum Visits, On Us

Did you know that your library card can get you free passes to museums all around the Bay Area? Discover and Go is an amazing program that gives library patrons free and low-cost passes to local museums, zoos, science centers and other educational and enriching places in the area. Learn more about our museum passes.

Remember Your Adventure Forever

Document your exciting summer adventures with our Go Pro Cameras available for check out. Go Pro Cameras specialize in POV, or point-of-view, style-shooting, so you can truly capture your first-hand experience of your hike, bike ride or other adventure. Find our Go Pro Cameras on a first come, first-served basis in our in-person Try-It-Out shelves at our libraries.

Let the Games Begin

Three, two, UNO! From turn based strategy games, to hand slapping fun, we have games and puzzles for everyone. Try Codenames for team against team play, Terraforming Mars for a cooperative game, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza for a sequential word game, Scrabble for a tile-based word game and so much more. Find these games and many more in our in-person Try-It-Out shelves across San Mateo County Libraries. 

Upgrade Your Next Hike

Do you love nature? Do you enjoy walking on the beach, the sun on your skin, the tranquil rolling of the waves, the sand between your toes? What about hiking trails surrounded by the serenity of quiet, the abundance of trees and wildlife, and sleeping under the starry sky? Do you consider your dog to be man’s best friend and try to take them on all your family excursions? If you answered yes to any, or all these questions, our hiking gear is for you.

Let’s jumpstart our summer adventure with visits to these amazing and pet friendly county and state parks and trails in the Bay Area. For information on pet-friendly outdoor areas in San Mateo County, check out this guide.

Kickstart Your Summer Adventure With These Hiking Guides!

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