Spider-Man Homecoming

Spidey's back!  Coming out 7.7.17, the webbed wall-crawler returns to the big screen after his team-effort in Captain America: Civil War.

I loved their rebooted Vulture (dubbed "Flying Monster Guy" by Tony Stark), the homage to Miles Morales's buddy Ganke Lee, and the redesigned suit, which nods towards the comic's original webbed underarm wings.  Here's looking forward to Tom Holland, opens a new window trying to balance his burgeoning superhero career with homework, crushes, and school!

Who's your favorite iteration Spider-Man?  Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, or Tom Holland?

And here's a few of my favorite Spidey-comics:

The Superior Spider-Man
Ever imagined what it'd be like if Spider-Man was controlled by a villain? Doc Oct might be an even better Spider-Man than Peter.

Civil War
Spider-Man unveils himself to the world when he chooses to back Iron Man and the Superhuman Registration Act!

Spider-Man and Deadpool, could you ask for more?

Ultimate Comics
Meet Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man!