Seeing the World Through Different Colored Eyes Day

Celebration time for people (and animals) with heterochromia: "Different Colored Eyes Day" is July 12!

David Bowie

What article about different colored eyes would be complete without mentioning David Bowie? The famous musician wasn't born with heterochromia but developed it after a friend hit him in the eye during a tussle (they remained friends and were later bandmates). The blow permanently enlarged one of his pupils, resulting in anisocoria. It had the lifelong effect of making his eyes drastically different colors. His eyes not only gave him an iconic look but were important to him as an avid reader. Have you seen David Bowie's top 100 favorite books list?


Heterochromia often affects animals, even more so than people. When the amount of melanin in the eyes is not proportionate, it results in heterochromia. This can be an inherited trait, apparent when the animal is born.

Check out these Instagram pages for photos of famous animals with heterochromia:

Books Featuring Characters With Heterochromia

Feast your eyes on the eyes in these books!


The Sword of Summer

Anne's House of Dreams

Artemis Fowl

Secret of the Sirens


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