Power Up Afternoons Guest Highlights: December 5 – 16

We hope you’ve been enjoying the amazing activities during Power Up Afternoons all our libraries! Every week, we will be bringing experts to the library to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for a variety of topics including science, art, nature, magic and so much more. You’ll have the opportunity to explore a new field with an expert who will guide you through hands-on activities.

Power Up Afternoons is our weekday after-school offering designed for K-12 students. It's a chance for school-aged students to connect and make friends while activating creativity, innovation, and learning. Students and families can drop in any time during Power Up Afternoons to see what we're exploring together that day. Find out when Power Up Afternoons is happening at your nearest library

You can also keep learning at home by checking out a book on the topic while you’re in the library or by accessing our eResources. We’re excited to highlight the experts that will be joining us as guests at a library near you soon!

Brilliant Bugs

Bugs of Pokémon

The creator of Pokémon, Satoshi Tajiri, spent his childhood collecting bugs in the Japanese countryside. Come learn about the bugs that inspired Pokémon and how the game of Pokémon and the science of Entomology are alike!

Eat or Be Eaten

From predators to herbivores and beyond, learn how bug mouthparts have adapted to eat all kinds of foods. Learn about the different strategies arthropod predators use to hunt and catch their prey.

Books for More Exploration

Bug Lab for Kids | Bug Lab for Kids (ebook)

Bugs for Kids

Pokémon ¡Hazte con todos!


Investigating Insects

Insect Discovery Lab

Explore the fantastic lives of beetles, millipedes, tarantulas, walking sticks, whip scorpions and more! Save Nature’s presenters will introduce your group to the extraordinarily diverse world of insects and other arthropods and teach you about their key role in the web of life.

Bee Show: See Live Bees & Taste Honey

Come learn about the amazing society of honeybees with Uncle Jer! Learn the bee dance, taste honey and see live bees in a safe observation hive!

Books for More Exploration

Insect by L.A. Mound

Insect Superpowers: 18 Real Bugs That Smash, Zap, Hypnotize, Sting, and Devour!

Where Have All the Bees Gone?

Las abejas

Jorge el curioso, un hogar para las abejas

Owls, Bats, and Magic!

Owl Pellet Discovery

WHOO wants to learn all about owls?! Through a hands-on owl pellet dissection, you’ll learn about owl adaptations, diet, behavior, and their critical role in the wild with Save Nature.

NorCal Bats

Join us for a fun, educational program featuring varieties of rescued Northern California bats. You will learn about their habitats, physical features, diets, behavior, and average lifespans and get to meet some too!

Magic Show

He's silly, he's funny and he'll make you go WOW! Mike Della Penna creates wonder and laughter with family magic performances that are equal parts playful and astonishing.

Books for More Exploration


Murciélagos (bats)

Magia para todos

The Bat Book

Heroes and Manga

Make a Hero

What makes a hero a "hero"? Join Karen Luk and learn about basic character design to make your own hero.

Manga Face vs Realistic Face

Learn basic facial proportions for a manga style and realistic face. Front and side views.

Books for More Exploration

Manga Now!

Draw A Comic!

How to Draw Batman, Superman, and Other DC Super Heroes and Villains 

Drawing Anime From Simple Shapes

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