Celebrate Pi Day!

Pi Day, opens a new window celebrates the mathematical constant π (3.14159...) on March 14th but you don't need to be a mathematician to celebrate! Various restaurants and bakeries are celebrating Pi Day by offering slices of pizza or pie for $3.14. My favorite way of celebrating is by baking a pie and going to the Exploratorium, opens a new window for their Pi Day celebrations.

The Exploratorium has numerous Pi Day activities, opens a new window for free, including a Pi Parade and eating a slice of delicious pie. If you can't make it on March 14th, you can use your library card to get a free museum pass to the Exploratorium some another day.

You can also celebrate Pi Day by reading a book or trying a new recipe. Below are some of my favorites.

Fun Books to Read


Pi in the Sky

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi

Books to Bake a Pie and Pizza

Mastering Pizza



Pizza Camp

Sister Pie

The Taartwork Pies Cookbook

What are your plans for Pi Day? Share below!