One Disagreement at a Time

There have been a number of wonderful new books highlighting women's achievements all over the world. Rad American Women A-Z and Rad Women Worldwide are two recent favorites.

Another excellent book, for younger readers, is I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark by Debbie Levy, with illustrations by Elizabeth Baddeley. Released last year, I Dissent is a picture book biography that follows Justice Ginsburg from her childhood in Brooklyn to her appointment to the United States Supreme Court.

Throughout her life, Justice Ginsburg was told she couldn't do a variety of things: usually because she was female or because she was Jewish. From an early age, her mother showed her that disagreeing and fighting for one's rights is a vital task. Justice Ginsburg proceeded to fight everything from teachers trying to make her write with her right-hand (she is a left-hander) to job discrimination to gender stereotyping.

Her persistence and her solid decision making led her to become the first Supreme Court Justice that was both female and Jewish. She always expresses her opinion, even if it goes against the court's ruling. Her thorough and rational arguments have helped overturn unfair laws and lead many to widen their perspectives--not just on the issues in court cases, but on the leading role women in this world have rightfully earned.

To learn more, check out I Dissent, other related books, and the stories and people that inspired Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a child.

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Do you know of any good books highlighting women's achievements? Tell us in the comments below.