National Ice Cream Month

Have You Ever Wondered When Ice Cream Was First Made?

The earliest form of iced desserts traces to Alexander the Great of ancient Greece who enjoyed flavored icy drinks, and supposedly Roman Emperor Nero, opens a new window harvested ice from nearby mountains to make a mixture of ice, honey, and fruit pulp. The first ice cream made with milk was served to emperors of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) in China. This famous dessert made its way through different countries and kingdoms throughout history and the world. You’ll find variations and recipes going back to the middle ages, from sherbet in the Middle East to 17th century sorbets in France, and gelatos in Italy (Tori Avey, opens a new window).

In the United States we celebrate National Ice Cream Month, opens a new window every July and National Ice Cream Day is on July's third Sunday. A fun discovery from the History Reference Center is Proclamation 5219, opens a new window declaring National Ice Cream Month on July 1984 and National Ice Cream Day on July 15, 1984. It was determined that:

Ice cream is a nutritious and wholesome food, enjoyed by over ninety percent of the people in the United States. It enjoys a reputation as the perfect dessert and snack food. Over eight hundred and eighty-seven million gallons of ice cream were consumed in the United States in 1983.

Explore more articles and recipes for ice cream by logging into the History Reference Center. When you search for "ice cream", you’ll find Jennifer Buchet’s article “A Celebration of Greek Cuisine, opens a new window” which provides a recipe for Olive Oil Ice Cream. Another shares a “Sweet Recipe, opens a new window” from Cobblestone Magazine, offering a simpler version of Thomas Jefferson’s, opens a new window 18 step ice cream recipe. Find out more about the first ice cream cone in History Magazine’s article “Ice Cream Cone, opens a new window” by Nancy Stamp.

Kids Books to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month this July with these books for kids and their families. Learn about how ice cream is made and explore fantastic stories featuring ice cream. We've also included some books in other languages.

In Ice Cream, early fluent readers learn about the process by which fresh cream is transformed into a delicious frozen treat.

Everyone smiles when the little ice cream truck, loaded up with tasty treats, shows up at parties, baseball games, parks, and zoos.

Splat can barely sit still during the bus ride. He's imagining the mountain of ice cream he thinks he'll get to eat! But when Splat gets there, that mountain becomes more of an avalanche. It's up to Splat and his classmates to save the day!

Meet Keith-- a very cute cat with a magical hat! When Keith wears the hat, it makes bunnies appear out of nowhere! It even makes a stick move all on its own! But when Keith's hat falls off, will the magic still work?

A child wonders where ice cream comes from and learns about the jobs of a dairy farmer, a sugarcane farmer, and factory workers in an ice cream factory.

Rashin is an Iranian immigrant girl living in New York, excited by her first trip to Coney Island, and fascinated by the differences in the beach customs between her native Iran and her new home--but she misses the saffron flavored ice cream that she used to eat.

Johnny Boo creates an incredible Ice Cream Computer that can turn anything into delicious ice cream. Old toys that you don't want to play with anymore? Ice cream! Clods of dirt and grass? Ice cream! It works great ... until Squiggle decides to turn himself into ice cream! Can Squiggle save the day, or will everyone get turned into ice cream?

Groovy Joe is a fun-loving dog with a tub full of ice cream--which he shares with his unexpected dinosaur guests.

One winter in Budapest during the Second World War, an Italian closes his ice cream shop for the season, using the storefront to hide his Jewish friends and neighbors, including a boy named Peter. Based on a true story.

A Marcelo no es que le gustaran los helados, ¡es que le encantaban los helados! Nada le gustaba más que comerse un enorme helado de cucurucho sentado en su banco favorito de la playa. Pero había un problema: el Sol. Sus ardientes rayos siempre derretían su helado y lo convertían en una masa viscosa. ¡PUAJ! Harto de esta situación, a Marcelo se le ocurre una brillante idea: ¡apagar el sol! Lo que no imagina son las consecuencias que tendrá su plan.

Una serie para introducir a los más pequeños en los grandes temas de la ciencia mediante preguntas sencillas y contextos cotidianos, acordes con su edad. En este libro, Sarah se pregunta por qué se derritió el helado y descubre los estados de la materia y algo más.

Groovy Joe shares his tub full of ice cream with his unexpected dinosaur guests. José el Chévere comparte su bañera llena de helado con sus invitados inesperados de dinosaurios.

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