Meet Christina Conklin, Half Moon Bay Author-Illustrator

San Mateo County Libraries welcomes Christina Conklin on Wednesday, April 20 at 6:30 PM, in honor of Earth Day. Christina will discuss her book The Atlas of Disappearing Places with Deborah Penrose, Library Governing Board member and Half Moon Bay vice mayor, before taking questions from the audience.

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In The Atlas of Disappearing Places, sustainability expert Marina Psaros and artist Christina Conklin blend place-based storytelling with clear explanations of science and policy to create a portrait of the impacts of climate change. They look at a range of communities, from global centers like New York and Shanghai to quieter corners like Bến Tre, Vietnam and the middle of the Arctic Ocean.

Each chapter examines how changing chemistry, strengthening storms, warming waters and rising seas are affecting a particular place, with visuals from Christina Conklin’s maps. Created with an innovative ink-on-dried-seaweed technique, Christina's maps illustrate the current and projected impacts of climate change. Every chapter closes with a speculative vignette painting a picture of what the world could look like in 2050. Stark but hopeful, these vignettes share steps that can be taken to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Praise for Christina Conklin

Christina Conklin is an artist, writer and researcher whose work investigates the intersection of natural systems and belief systems, often using the ocean as both site and metaphor. Her essays, exhibitions and installations consider our cultural responses to the intersecting ecological and social crises of our time. Christina’s award-winning work has been exhibited in the US, Japan and Hong Kong. Worlds in the Making: New Ecological Rituals, opens a new window at the University of San Francisco, opens a new window presented interactive artworks through which visitors could explore their personal response-ability regarding climate change. She co-authored and illustrated The Atlas of Disappearing Places: Coasts and Oceans in a Time of Climate Change. Christina lives with her husband and two children in Half Moon Bay, California.

Beautiful maps and hopeful vignettes about the future temper this important book about climate change in our world.—Library Journal

An atlas of places that are likely to be transformed beyond recovery over the next decades may seem like a sad theme for a book. Yet Christina Conklin and Marina Psaros have produced a thing of beauty, a testament as gorgeous as the places it sears into our memory. If we do not care, we will not make the effort to save our world. Readers will find themselves caring deeply, and that at least is a first step.—Richard Heinberg, Post Carbon Institute

Painted with water-soluble inks on sheets of dried seaweed, the book’s maps are textured, attractive, and informative. They complement its suggestions for practical ways to reduce climate impact...Climate change is not just about melting ice caps and starving polar bears, and The Atlas of Disappearing Places brings that reality home.—Foreword Reviews