Introducing Art for All!

Art is for everyone, which is why we're excited to announce Art for All.

With Art for All, each library now has an Art Table stocked with art supplies for you to use in the library to make something new. You can stop by any of our San Mateo County Libraries to find these always-available art supplies. The Art Table is a space for you to explore your creativity, and will always be open for you no matter where you’re coming from or what time you arrive. Specific supplies and table locations may vary by branch. Stop by your closest library to discover what you can make today! 

There are all different types of art, and all different ways to make art too. Whether it’s drawing, painting, crafting or other creating, everything is its own form of art. The only requirement is that in order for something to be art, it needs to be made first!

It’s this act of creation that allows us to share the ideas we have in our head with the larger world. Maybe you make art just for yourself, to share with your family and friends, or maybe you have the chance to reach an audience even beyond where you live. The most important thing to remember is this: If you like to make art, then you're an artist! 

Let’s celebrate the joys of making art together this Make It March, and all year long!

Want to explore making more? Check out our other maker activities in the library, including specialized events and personal appointments with equipment including 3D printers. 

Let’s Make a Zine Together!  

In celebration of the launch of Art for All, let’s create a zine together featuring YOUR art work that you make at the library! 

What is a Zine? 

Deriving its name from the magazine, a zine is a self-published collection of works bound together to make a mini-magazine that can be distributed at a small scale. Zines are very much a “do-it-yourself" type of art – whether its filled with drawings, photographs or writing of any kind, zines are all about bringing together communities of people enthusiastic to share their creations with one another. 

How Will We Make a Zine? 

It’s easy! Stop by any San Mateo County Libraries branch through the month of March and make your very own artwork at the library’s Art Table. You can make something original, or see what your library has out as a suggestion on what to make. Once you’re satisfied with your creation, turn it into the front desk and let them know you want it to be featured in our Art for All Zine! The final zine will then be available for you to pick up a copy of in early April. We can’t wait to see what you make!  

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