International Polar Bear Day

Wednesday, February 27th is International Polar Bear day, opens a new window, a time for us all to consider polar bears and the struggles they encounter as the Arctic continues to warm up. A polar bear faces great danger when ice caps start to melt. Experts have offered many suggestions, opens a new window of ways an average person can make small changes to help the environment.

Polar Bear Facts

It's worth checking out the Polar Bears International Page, opens a new window to learn all about this fragile animal. A few facts:

  • There are about 26,000 polar bears living in the wild right now.
  • Cubs stay with their mothers for 2.5 to 3 years.
  • Polar bears touch noses to ask to share food.
  • A polar bear can eat 100 pounds of seal blubber in one sitting.
  • They are known by many other names including sea bear, ice bear, Lord of the Arctic, white sea deer, and old man in the fur cloak.

Books About Polar Bears

Polar bears are popular picture book protagonists. Chill and check out this awesome array of books!

Polar Bear Night

Poles Apart

Cub's Big World

Young Larry

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The Polar Bears Are Hungry

Hush Little Polar Bear

A Splendid Friend, Indeed

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

Little Polar Bear Takes A Stand

Polar, the Titanic Bear

Do you have a favorite polar bear story or book? Let us know in the comments!