In a Pickle? Let’s Learn More About Food Preservation!

If you couldn’t attend our food preservation series with the UC Master Food Preservers, opens a new window this fall, fear not! They will be returning in 2021 to cover a whole delectable range of subjects beginning with a three-part kickoff sourdough series in February. This series will tick all of your New Year's resolutions, so stay tuned for dates and more information coming soon! 

Can't wait until then? You can still start learning all about food preservation with our plethora of foodie resources and reading lists.

From pickling to canning, drying and freezing, there are so many methods that may feel slightly overwhelming. Who knows where or how to even get started? And why should you, when there’s such a wide range of store-bought available? Well, food preservation not only allows you to use up excess produce and reduce waste, you can also save costs by purchasing local produce in bulk at a reduced rate! Food preservation helps with home-grown harvests—whether you’re producing your own food in backyard raised beds, balcony container mini-allotments, or everything in between—and want to save their delicious flavor for the future.

Food Preservation Basics

While this whole food preservation business might seem rather daunting, these books will get you started with the basics before you branch out with further culinary experiments.

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Looking for More of a Challenge?

Ready for a bit more specificity in your reading and food preservation techniques? Canning and fermenting are two methods that might seem more technical and have you worried about sanitation and food safety. Canning involves preparing food and sealing them in special canning jars, using either boiling-water bath, atmospheric steam canning or pressure canning. While that sounds complex, the method depends on the type of food being canned and proper recipes, such as the ones found below, will safely walk you through the steps. 

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International Food Preservation

Lastly, take your food preservation worldwide with a few international cookbooks!

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Which recipe was your favorite? We'd love to hear from you about your food preserving escapades and hope to see you at our 2021 Food Preservation series!