How to Create Original Beats With Google’s “MusicFX”

In the world of generative artificial intelligence there is so much happening. I am sure you have heard of OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google’s Bard chatbots that have been taking the world by storm. There are even generative web-based tools that can create artwork, illustrations, music and more. Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be thought of as technology that can generate outputs on the spot, in response to inputs or “queries” placed by users. This is quite different from what we have seen in the past. 

A 2023 article in Vox by Rebecca Heilweil describes the possibilities with little human effort: 

Several generative AI models, including ChatGPT and an image generator called Stable Diffusion, can now be accessed online for free or for a low-cost subscription, which means people across the world can do everything from assemble a children’s book to produce computer code in just a few clicks. This tech is impressive, and it can get pretty close to writing and illustrating how a human might.

Welcome to Google’s “AI Test Kitchen” 

If you are as hungry for new generative AI as I am, you must take the time to try out some enticing new choices with Google. Recently, Google has released a new experimental module called “MusicFX” in the “AI Test Kitchen.” Anyone with a Google account can dabble in the Test Kitchen for free. By visiting the free AI Test Kitchen users have free access to experimental generative AI modules. Google has decided to see how users interact with their Large Language Models (LLM) by providing the tools at no cost. Currently there are two experimental generative modules, TextFX and MusicFX to tinker with. 

Playing with the AI Test Kitchen is as easy 1-2-3.

  1. Visit the AI Test Kitchen website:
  2. Sign in with your Google account to have free access. Or create a free Google account to get access. 
  3. Choose the module you want to play with in the test kitchen (TextFX or MusicFX).

Bring in the Bass! 

MusicFX is a game changer as its generative nature allows users to input prompts and the technology generates original music in response. The interface is intuitive and instantaneously provides an output that is musical, thought-provoking and fun. So far, I have not found generative AI technology accessible, free and quite like this. Once a prompt has been placed, MusicFX will generate pink dropdown boxes (on keywords) that allow the user to remix or modify the prompt to make other musical outcomes. 

Just input a prompt and click generate—that’s it! The example below lists a prompt that states, “New Jack swing and R&B at 100 Beats Per Minute.” The music was created for me in less than one minute. Give it a listen: New Jack Swing & R&B at 100BPM 

In the settings menu, users can set the duration of the music generated (30, 50 or 70 seconds). The option to share and download is also available. There is also a FAQ that can be helpful for users to learn more about the technology. 

AI Events at San Mateo County Libraries

Just like you, we're curious to discover more about AI. So far, we've brought you free workshops on podcasting and hip-hop songwriting with ChatGPT, plus shared resources in our collection. Now, we're hosting some more upcoming events that provide an intro to AI.

Let me know what you think of generative AI and even Google’s “AI Test Kitchen” in the comments below!