Houseplant Appreciation Day

January 10 is Houseplant Appreciation Day. The Gardener’s Network, opens a new window started this day to encourage people to grow and appreciate houseplants, especially during the winter months. So, we’re sharing our resources and plant care tips from library staff to appreciate houseplants.

PressReader and Newspaper Source Plus provide access to multiple articles on houseplants from a variety of magazines and newspapers. BBC History magazine highlights “When did houseplants first become popular?” in a short excerpt by Catherine Horwood, author of Potted History. Horwood delves into the fascinating recorded history of when plants were introduced into homes. The popularity of houseplants started when “Dr. Nathaniel Ward discovered that ferns could grow in a sealed glass container” during the mid-19th century.

We also have numerous books to help you care for your houseplants and decorate your home with them.

Houseplant Appreciation Day

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In honor of this day, our library staff share a few of their plant care tips:

  • “If you leave your watering can out somewhere you see it, it reminds you to water... It is helpful to chat with your local nursery person because they can help you figure out what will work well, especially in the Bay where we have microclimates.”- Kailey
  • “I asked my partner who's the green thumb in our house. He suggested propagating plants as a way to salvage dying plants or just for growing more plants. Here’s a simple Washington Post article on how Propagation is an inexpensive way to grow your plant collection. Here's how to do it.” - Claire
  • “I read once that for plants that don't like a ton of water you should put the water in the saucer at the base of your pot and let it absorb into the clay or through the drainage hole in the base. It seems to work. I do it with my succulent and it hasn't died yet (1 year and counting). I have no green thumb so this is an accomplishment for me. I have my other houseplants next to my kitchen sink so I see them regularly and have a water source on hand. ” - Gwyneth
  • “Keep new plants away from other houseplants for a few weeks to help acclimatize them to your home. It’s also a good precaution in case any unseen pests or issues could pass on to your other houseplants.” - Nicole

What is a plant care tip you do for your houseplants?