Great Scott!

I love, love, LOVE Scottish bands.

The Other James Kirk

It's always terribly exciting to find a new song by an artist you love. It happened to me this past weekend! It was a song by an obscure Scottish group called Port Sulphur, opens a new window. As I was listening to the catchy song, I noticed it was sung by a familiar voice. A voice that turned out to be James Kirk, one of my favorite people of all time. Not the Star Trek guy, but the guitarist of the 80s indie Scottish group, Orange Juice, opens a new window. The song, "Orient Express," was on a new compilation called Goosebumps: 25 Years of Marina Records.

I was so excited that my plans for the day completely fell apart. I had to text my husband several times (using many exclamation marks), find out more about German label Marina records, opens a new window (they're based in Hamburg, but put out releases by many Scottish groups).

So Many Scottish Bands!

This inspired me to do a roundup of Scottish bands that you can find through the library. Here are some of my favorites:

Teenage Fanclub

Their latest album, Here, features the great song "I'm In Love."

The Pastels

The cutest twee band ever can be found on Hoopla, opens a new window.

Belle and Sebastian

One of the most famous Scottish bands, Belle and Sebastian have a slew of albums available for checkout!

Josef K

Josef K can be found on Hoopla, opens a new window.

Orange Juice

Featuring Edwyn Collins and James Kirk, this dancey group inspired many. Great Orange Juice compilations can be found on Hoopla, opens a new window.

James Kirk

And, finally, the best ever: James Kirk!

Who are some of your favorite Scottish bands? Have any Scottish travel adventure stories? Tell us in the comments below!