Dad & Me Puppet Show Returns to the Library

Who doesn’t love puppets? Back by popular demand is the Dad & Me @ the Library Puppet Show series, brought to us by The Puppet Art Theater Company, opens a new window. The first time I had the chance to experience this puppet show, I brought my whole family and didn’t expect to laugh out loud as much as I did. These adorable puppets will have the whole audience engaged in genuine, hearty, community laughter. My favorite part of the show is the silly dancing worm. And, if you’ve ever wondered how puppet magic happens, there is usually a Q&A at the end of the show from our amazing puppet friends. Children and families will have a chance to touch and hold some of the actors of the show. This really is a show for everyone to enjoy. Get ready to laugh, and smile until your cheeks ache, as you listen to these furry characters recount their version of classic fairy tales that you enjoyed as a child.

Join the laughter at any one of the many dates we will be hosting our puppet friends.

Have you seen the puppets in action before? Let us know how much fun you had in the comments below.