Boost Your Tech Skills

We live in a world immersed in technology. To be competitive for most of today's jobs, tech skills are a must. And, no matter your career path, enriching your digital knowledge can open up new opportunities and innovations. 

San Mateo County Libraries has the tools you need to enhance your technological know-how regardless of your experience level. Our, opens a new windowand Safari eBook, opens a new window databases provide a complementary set of resources to boost your tech skills.

San Mateo County Libraries’ platform provides access to an extensive collection of courses on computers and technology.

For example, you can learn the basics of computer programming, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Photoshop, and Python. There are directed learning paths on a range of key subjects, such as web design, animation, graphic design, full-stack web development, and IT specializations.

Safari Tech Books

Our Safari Tech Books platform provides access to an extensive list of technology-based eBooks on core topics, including Microsoft Excel, cloud computing, programming languages, and network administration.

If you have ever searched a bookstore for computer programming guides, you likely found that many of the better titles cost upwards of $50.00. Let SMCL’s Safari Tech Books ease the pain on your wallet. To check out books in the Safari Tech Books platform, you just need an SMCL library card and a compatible device.

You can access the Niche Academy, opens a new window to view tutorials and how-to videos on a variety of tech subjects.

Between our multiple helpful eResources, tech help team and tutorials, we're excited to enrich your journey to discovery. What tech skill are you trying to boost?