Best Picture Books and Chapter Books of 2017!

Wow! 2017 delivered many wonderful picture books and chapter books for our young readers to tuck into. Some are beautiful new gems and others are continuations (or culminations!) of old favorites that will delight, inspire, and introduce you and your young readers to the amazing world around and to the limitless possibilities of imagination!

Here we share two short lists of 2017's highlights.

Picture Books (Ages 2-7)

Here We Are
A tender and heart-felt guide to what every earthling needs to know about living in our world and on our planet.

Dragons Love Tacos 2
Dragons! Tacos! Time travel! Oh, yes!

She Persisted
Reflections on thirteen powerful women in U. S. history who persevered in spite of adversity,

Beautiful illustrations transform daily-occurrences and routine into moments of wonder.

Thank You Bees
Toni Yuly's voice of gratitude teaches young readers about the inter-connection of nature: bees make honey; the Sun gives us light.

Malala's Magic Pencil
What would you do with a magic pencil? If you didn't have a magic pencil, would you use your voice, your intellect? We join Malala, a Pakistani girl, on her personal journey that begins with a magic pencil.

Chapter Books (Ages 8-12)

The Land of Stories
Book six and the concluding installment of Conner and Alex's adventures. Will they restore order to the human and fairy tale realms?

The Trials of Morrigan Crow
The first book of a new series introduces Morrigan Crow, bringer of bad luck and subject of a dark prophecy, who finds herself in the secret realm of Nevermoor.

The Sand Warrior
This interplanetary graphic novel brings together three unlikely tween heroes in a quest to save a far away galaxy.

The Ship of the Dead
Rick Riordan's third and final Magnus Chase installment!

Dog Man
From the creator of Captain Underpants comes a new hero, Dog Man. Dog Man goes paw-to-paw with Petey the Cat! Will Dog Man remain Top Dog?

Abby in Wonderland
In the newest adventure from the Whatever After series, Abby gets in to a book, Alice in Wonderland, to help her friend Frankie out.

Have you (or your young ones) discovered other new favorites? We'd love to hear your "Best of 2017" list!