Basketball Books

Lately, I've been reading lots of basketball books--not really on purpose, there just happen to be so many great ones out there right now. Seems like some authors who play ball are also excellent writers! Here are four to check out.

The Crossover
Josh is having a hard time: his dad is having mysterious health problems; his best friend/twin brother Jordan is constantly away, spending all his time with his new girlfriend; and then Josh's mom makes him take a time out from the team--just as they're headed to the championship tournaments. Told in poetry format, this novel by Kwame Alexander is exciting, sad, and very realistic.

The Falconer
Lucy is an awesome basketball player. She's in love with her best friend, Percy, who just can't seem to see her as anything but a friend. It's senior year: will things change for the better, finally? Set in 1990s New York City, this adult novel by Dana Czapnik is perfect for older teens.

Ball Don't Lie
Sticky is a foster kid who's got a lot of catching up to do--but the one thing he's totally great at is basketball. When he realizes that he can use his game to get ahead in life, things start to change. This is Matt de la Pena's debut novel.

The Necessary Hunger
Set in 1990s South Central Los Angeles, this love story follows two basketball players, Japanese-American Nancy Takahiro, and African-American Raina Webber. Things intensify when their parents marry each other and the girls end up living under the same roof. While figuring out their feelings for each other, they play ball, and dream of growing up and escaping to a bigger life. This is Nina Revoyr's debut novel, written in 1997.

What's your favorite book about basketball? Let us know in the comments below.