Tools for Indie Authors: Create, Share & Discover

San Mateo County Libraries is thrilled to announce a powerful suite of writing resources that empower our local authors to self-publish and share their work with the broader community. Join us, and let’s create, share and discover together!

Create on Pressbooks

Have you ever had a great idea for a novel but were daunted by the complicated publishing process? Now local writers have access to a powerful tool that walks them through this process. Pressbooks is a user-friendly digital self-publishing tool that allows local authors to edit, format, design and produce top-quality eBooks and print-ready files in ePub, opens a new window and PDF, opens a new window formats. You can create and export an unlimited number of files using Pressbooks.

Share With the Indie Author Project

After you’ve self-published your book, how do you promote it and share it with the broader community? Through San Mateo County Libraries’ partnership with the Indie Author Project, local authors can make their works discoverable through the Biblioboard platform. First, writers create a BiblioBoard account and share the book. If the author’s book passes a quality control check, it can then be added to the inclusive Indie CA collection that showcases works by local authors. If your book gets checked out frequently, it can then be considered for inclusion in the more exclusive Indie Author Project Select Collection which showcases the best indie author works from around the country.

Discover on Biblioboard

Have you ever wondered how you can discover local authors before they become national bestselling authors? Biblioboard is where patrons can discover and read eBooks from local authors and top indie authors both nationally and internationally. You don’t need a library card to access this collection, and there are no holds or wait times.