The Magic School Bus Rides Again!

In this era of remasters and remakes, everything that is old is new again, including Miss Frizzle and her class. The Magic School Bus returns September 29th with a new cast, art style, and new episodes on Netflix!

This is a project that has been in the works for a few years, after Netflix acquired the rights to reboot the show in 2014. Originally billed as The Magic School Bus 360°, Netflix revealed the new name and some of the cast back in February. Lily Tomlin, opens a new window is returning as Miss Frizzle; now upgraded to Professor Frizzle, Kate McKinnon, opens a new window is playing Miss Fiona Felicity Frizzle, and the theme song originally performed by Little Richard is now being performed by Lin Manuel Miranda.

When I was growing up, rainy days meant one thing: indoor movie day! These were generally a regular rotation of educational programming, such as the BBC and DK Vision series, Eyewitness, and episodes of The Magic School Bus. Even though I'm no longer the target demographic, I'm still very excited at the idea of a new slew of Magic School Bus episodes and the new generation of kids that will hopefully enjoy them as well (assuming they're good, that is!).

While you wait for September 29, checkout these Magic School Bus titles:


The Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body

The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth

Libros en Español:

El autobús mágico: Dentro de un pastel

El autobús mágico: Dentro de una colmena


The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series

The Magic School Bus: Space Adventures

The Library has tons more Magic School Bus titles to keep you entertained. Take a look and choose your favorites.

What memories do you have of The Magic School Bus? Do you have a favorite children's program? Let us know in the comments below!