Spring Into April With “Move More Month”

Everyday Motion and "Move More Month"

We all know it's good to get exercise, but now there is even evidence that 30 minutes of regular activity a day, opens a new window is beneficial. This can be as simple as taking a stroll to the farmers market, cleaning out your space, or spending some time in the garden. The benefits of motion might be why the American Heart Association, opens a new window has declared April “Move More Month” to promote all varieties of physical activity so we can feel better and live longer. Formerly “National Walking Day,” the event has become a larger and more inclusive way of celebrating movement and promoting health for people of all abilities.

The "Move More Month" site, opens a new window provides a treasure trove of information and resources that are aimed at helping even the busiest people incorporate more motion into their everyday lives. As someone who works in an office, I personally enjoy the tips, opens a new window on incorporating more movement in the workplace.

Movement With Minimalism and Marie Kondo

In his book, Goodbye, Things, Japanese minimalist Fumio Sasaki talks about the concept of a chokomaka (restless) routine, the idea that one can get their steps in by moving around here and there to clean or touch up. Sasaki, like the famous decluttering guru Marie Kondo (author of The Life-changing Magic of Tidying up), advocates the clearing of unnecessary objects from your place. Perhaps celebrating "Move More Month" with a good decluttering may be a way to spark some joy into your step?

Making Your Way Through the Outdoors

Why not take a stroll in the great outdoors? Maybe you're looking to hike or bike around the Peninsula but not sure where to start? These trail guides to the Bay Area should help. Click a title that catches your fancy, offered in both paperback and eBook formats!

60 Hikes Within 60 Miles, San Francisco

Peninsula Trails

San Francisco Peninsula Bike Trails

Best Easy Day Hikes

Peninsula Tales & Trails

Beaches and Parks From San Francisco to Monterey

Cultivate Your Garden Anywhere

Ever wondered if you have a green thumb? You may or may not have the space for a garden, but these books can help you get started indoors or outdoors as you become a plant parent, no matter where you live! There's no doubt that lifting those heavy soil bags and crouching down to mix your seeds would be a fun way to break a sweat, especially since "Move More Month" happens to take place in spring!

Apartment Gardening

Container Gardens

Enjoy Books on the Go

Perhaps you know how you'd like to move but you're looking for an audiobook to listen to while you burn those calories. Did you know that you can checkout and temporarily download eAudiobooks to your mobile device from our hoopla digital service? You can also download some engrossing eAudiobooks from our other eBook/eAudioBook platforms, OverDrive and Axis 360. With an audiobook, your mile run will be over before chapter four!

Some popular eAudiobooks:

I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer

Astrophysics for People in A Hurry

The Orphan's Tale

Move More at Your Local Library

Your local library also has events that can help you get active!

Take a look at our events page for more ways to be active!

Do you have some creative ways to incorporate movement into your life? Share in the comments below!