Sound Healing With Joseph Coffin

Sound healing, opens a new window is a type of guided meditation that uses sound and vibrations to restore your body and mind. The vibrations provide a focus for an individual's meditation practice and promote relaxation and stress relief. San Mateo County Libraries, along with Joseph Coffin of THE MATS Pacifica, opens a new window look forward to sharing this ancient practice with some of our library communities this September. 

Tibetan singing bowls come in different sizes and are often made of bronze or crystal. When the bowl is struck by a mallet, it produces vibrations. Placing the bowls on a person’s body allows them to physically connect with the vibrations and hear them. Some studies have found a link between sound healing and a reduction in tension and anxiety.  

What you need to know...

If this program interests you, please visit our events listing to see the schedule of events and sign up. Registration is required, and space is limited. Please bring your mats, blankets or pillows. Participants will lay on the floor to experience Tibetan singing bowls being played on their chests and backs, so bring what you will need for a comfortable experience. 

For more information on programs, materials and resources that promote mental health, visit our Mental Health Resources page. 

Do you have any experience with sound healing?