Native American Heritage Month

Here at San Mateo County Libraries we honor the richly diverse cultures, traditions, and histories of indigenous peoples. We will be hosting several fun and educational Native American workshops and events for children and teens throughout the month of November.

Activities for Children

Southwest Clay Pot Workshop

Learn about the rituals, ceremonies, and everyday life of the Pueblo people from ancient times to today in this Peopleologie, opens a new window workshop. Meet kids like you who learned to weave traditional cloth, baskets, and pottery before starting first grade! Create your own clay pot using an ancient technique that is still in use today.

Native California Weaving Workshop

How much do you know about our California ancestors? The Bay Area was home to indigenous peoples before anyone else. Learn how ancient ways are preserved today in this workshop by Peopleologie. Use your best knot tying and weaving skills to make a boat that floats.

Activities for Teens

Paint Like... Workshops

Hang out and paint! Express your artistic side at one of our fun Paint Like... workshops just for teens, led by Christie's Creative Cupboard, opens a new window. We'll learn about a Native American artist and create our own masterpieces

Paint Like Helen Hardin

Paint Like Margarete Bagshaw

Paint Like Pop Chalee

Did You Know?

  • Indigenous peoples have been living in North America for at least 15,000 years, and possibly for much longer.
  • The United States currently has more than 500 federally recognized Native American tribes.
  • There are many different Native American cultures, languages, and traditions.
  • It is usually preferable to refer to indigenous peoples by their specific tribal name, rather than by broader terms like Native American or American Indian.
  • Visit Native Knowledge 360°, opens a new window to learn more and test your knowledge.

What Should I Read for Native American Heritage Month?

Choose authentic titles that...

  • are written by indigenous authors and illustrators who share their tribal origins.
  • are set in present day.
  • don't contain stereotypical images of indigenous peoples or their cultures.
  • feature tribal specific customs and traditions.
  • honor and respect the wisdom of elders.
  • include nature, the environment, and ties to the land as key themes.
  • include indigenous languages.

Indigenous Books to Check out Today!

Adult Fiction

Try the recently released title by Oakland-based author Tommy Orange, There There

For Children

Jingle Dancer

Little You

Wild Berries

Mission to Space

Fall in Line, Holden

All Around Us

The Birchbark House

In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse

How I Became A Ghost

For Teens

The Marrow Thieves

If I Ever Get Out of Here

Fire Starters


Dreaming in Indian

Need More Book Recommendations?

How are you celebrating Native American Heritage month? Let us know below!