National Dog Day

Get your petting hands ready! National Dog Day, opens a new window is coming August 26th. On this day we honor our furry friends by recognizing the importance they have in our lives. In addition to giving love and companionship, dogs help us out in countless ways. They keep us safe as watchdogs, assist us as service animals, aid in search and rescue, and much more. National Dog day also brings awareness for a safe and cruel-free existence for all dogs everywhere.

It’s also a day full of licks! Wet, sloppy, slimy licks (you’ve been warned). 😉

Dogs at the Library

Several of our libraries offer Paws for Tales, a program that helps children improve their reading skills by letting children read to a trained therapy dog. Studies show children who are reluctant to read in front of peers are much less anxious with an animal present. Children don't perceive animals to be judgmental; mere animal presence helps them become more confident readers. The Pet Assisted Therapy teams and their handlers are from the Peninsula Humane Society & the SPCA.

If you’re looking for resources on how to care for your fur baby, the library has lots to offer! Here are a few suggestions.

Dog Training


Choosing A Dog

Dog Training

The Home Spa Book for Dogs

We also have some wonderful dog related films. Here are a few you'll enjoy!

Isle of Dogs

A Dog's Purpose

Dogs Decoded

Air Bud

Adopt a Dog

If you are seeking a new canine companion, consider adoption first. There are wonderful dogs waiting for their forever home at the shelter. For information on adopting dogs and volunteer opportunities at shelters in the area, check out these websites.

Or if you’re just in the mood to look at cute dog pics, check this site out, opens a new window!

How are you celebrating National Dog Day? Who is your canine best friend (or friends)? Let us know in the comments below!