Millbrae Library Makerspace Grand Opening!

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We are so thrilled to celebrate the brand-new Millbrae Library makerspace with you! 

On Saturday, April 13, we will be hosting a Grand Opening celebration to officially mark the opening of the new Millbrae Library makerspace and welcome you for a day of activities, tech demos and more! 

Date and Time

Saturday, April 13, at 11:00 AM 


Millbrae Library 

1 Library Ave 

Millbrae, CA 94030 

About the Makerspace 

San Mateo County Libraries worked closely in partnership with the City of Millbrae, opens a new window and the Friends of the Millbrae Library, opens a new window to make the new 817-square-foot Millbrae Library makerspace a reality. The plan to create the Millbrae Library makerspace began in 2017, when San Mateo County Libraries launched a Makerspace Master Plan, setting a roadmap to ignite growth, nurture curiosity and create learning experiences for communities of all backgrounds, ages and abilities.  

Grand Opening Details 

Our celebration will begin with brief remarks from local leaders, a ribbon cutting and a lion dance performance by Jing Mo Athletic Association, opens a new window. The makerspace will then be open for demonstrations and we’ll have hands-on activities for all ages throughout the library. Come spend the afternoon with us to see familiar faces and meet new library staff who are here to help. We’ll have team members onsite all day ready to show you how to use our new tech, including: 

  • 3D printing 
  • Sewing machine creations 
  • Photography demos 
  • Memory lab digitization demos 
  • Sphero robots 
  • Jewelry making 

We’re excited for community members to start making new memories in this space. Designed to serve our communities with a range of tech resources and events for all ages, the new Millbrae Library makerspace is a place for discovery. 

For more information regarding our makerspaces, please visit our San Mateo County Libraries makerspace guide. 

We express our gratitude to the Friends of the Millbrae Library, whose support made this addition possible.  










1 Library Ave  

Millbrae, CA 94030  


圣马刁县图书馆米尔布雷市米尔布雷图书馆之友密切合作,使新的817平方英尺的米尔布雷图书馆创客空间成为现实。 创建米尔布雷图书馆创客空间的计划始于2017年,当时圣马刁县图书馆推出了创客空间总体规划,为所有背景、年龄和能力的社区制定了激发增长、培养好奇心和创造学习体验的路线图。 


我们的庆祝活动将以当地领导人的简短讲话、剪彩和精武体育会(Jing Mo Athletic Association)的舞狮表演开始。 然后,创客空间将开放供演示,我们将在整个图书馆为所有年龄段的人士提供动手实践活动。来和我们一起度过下午,看看熟悉的面孔,结识新的图书馆工作人员,他们随时为您提供帮助。我们的团队成员全天都在场,向您展示如何使用我们的新技术,包括: 

  • 3D打印 
  • 缝纫机缝纫 
  • 摄影演示  
  • 记忆实验室数字化演示  
  • Sphero机器人  
  • 珠宝制作