Make It March at the Library

Join us all month long at the San Mateo County Libraries in celebrating Make It March! We have a wide variety of awesome maker programs for you and your family. We look forward to seeing you at the library during Make It March!

Some Highlights

Technology Showcase
Join us for a Technology Showcase where new equipment like sewing machines, robots, and maker gadgets will be out and available for you to try. We're looking forward to your tech program ideas as we plan even more events at our libraries.

Try-It Truck From Bay Area Discovery Museum
Join us for a visit from the Bay Area Discovery Museum's Try-It Truck! Get hands-on with both low-tech and high-tech tools. Learn about the engineering design process, take risks, and try new ideas.

Brush Bots
Have you ever wanted to build your very own robot from scratch? Brush bots are a cheap, easy, and fun-to-build robot made from the head of a toothbrush, a battery, and a small motor. Once completed, they buzz along the top of a table like bugs. Join us to build your own mini brush bot, then race it with other brush bots!

Make More!

These are just a few of San Mateo County Libraries’ programs. You can see a complete list of Make It March activities on our site or check your local library.

What crafty things do you plan to do for Make It March? Share in the comments below!