Join the Conversation in Our Housing Dialogue Series

Join us for a conversation about housing with Home for All.

San Mateo County Libraries will be hosting conversations about housing, titled “Home for All Exchange.” The topics covered and presentation will all be the same but held at various locations on different days throughout the county. Although the presentation will be the same, the discussion and conversations will vary based on your community. We want to hear from you, please take part in the conversations with your neighbors at your local library.

We are strongest when we recognize that what affects one of us affects us all. By joining Home for All, opens a new window staff we can talk about solutions for creating more affordable homes for residents, reducing traffic, and making San Mateo County a place everyone can call home. Home for All is a community collaborative that promotes innovative housing and transportation solutions to produce a diversity of housing in San Mateo County.

This dialogue is part of our Community Conversations program which brings community members – of different walks of life and with differing views – to listen, learn, and discover common connections with one another in a safe space.

Every month, we’ll bring local experts to the libraries to reflect on important community-identified topics and facilitate participatory discussions. Upcoming topics will include housing, immigration, education, women’s rights, sustainability and much more! Programs will include lots of opportunities for exchange, dialogue and activities. Through these exchanges, we seek to strengthen community by providing a space for dialogue and a forum to understand the workings of local, state, and national governance.