Introducing New Empower Card for Local Students

San Mateo County Libraries and Redwood City Public Library, opens a new window are excited to announce the launch of Empower Cards, a new library card designed to simplify and expand student access to library resources.

Empower Cards combine the resources of both San Mateo County Libraries and Redwood City Public Library to seamlessly connect students of all ages to powerful learning tools for use in the classroom or at home.

Easy-to-Use Powerful Learning Tools

Some of the amazing tools Empower Cards open access to at San Mateo County Libraries include:

Breaking Down Barriers to Access

“Getting this innovative card into the hands of students will fuel academic success and revolutionize how students use the public library,” San Mateo County Supervisor Warren Slocum, opens a new window said. “Empower Cards break down barriers to library access and address inequities in resources by sending library cards directly to families. These cards will open the door to an incredible amount of online and in-person resources.”

Empower Cards build upon past efforts to connect libraries with schools on the peninsula to issue more than 13,200 library cards to youth. San Mateo County Libraries has already begun the process of issuing Empower Cards to interested school districts, with the goal of providing Empower Cards to all 62,202 students enrolled in districts served by San Mateo County Libraries and Redwood City Public Library by the end of the year.

“Our hope is that this pilot can grow into something that has long-lasting reach in the lives of local students,” San Mateo County Libraries Director Anne-Marie Despain said. “We’re excited to get more resources to students to support their learning journey.”