IMAGINE: David Jaber Author Visit at Half Moon Bay Library

Imagine. See the vision of secure thriving communities across the globe. So many elements of this vision have been known for 20 years, 50 years and even millennia. So why haven't we made more progress?

Sustainability is one of those words we often hear when talking about the future of our very own planet Earth. As the world’s population continues to grow and is projected to continue growing, opens a new window into the following century, we are faced with a question of sustainability. How do we adapt our consumption so others may accommodate the increase in population? Who should be responsible to make sure we get there? Do we even understand or know what any of this means?

What Can I Do?

Join us Saturday, August 10 from 12:00 - 1:00 PM at the Half Moon Bay Library as local author David Jaber, opens a new window talks about his book entitled, Our Historic Moment: Purpose, Planet, and Places to Intervene. He will explore how politicians, business leaders, and nonprofits can best work together on this front and what our priorities as a society should be. There will also be a 1:30 PM tour of the green features of the new Half Moon Bay Library building led by Maziar Bozorginia, opens a new window, Half Moon Bay City Engineer.

So, come, learn, and contribute! Network with your peers! Together, let's accelerate sustainability adoption throughout San Mateo County - and beyond!

This event is brought to you by San Mateo County Libraries and Sustainable San Mateo County, opens a new window.

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