HyRead中文電子書和有聲電子書平台 / HyRead Chinese eBook & eAudiobook Platform

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HyRead電子書平台提供搜索功能,可經由蘋果App Store, opens a new window或谷歌Google Play, opens a new window下載HyRead App。如果用戶不希望使用App來閱讀書籍,也可以通過各種不同的網絡瀏覽器在線閲讀HyRead書籍。用戶會發現HyRead網路介面直覺性高,清楚俐落且易於使用。


San Mateo County Libraries is pleased to announce that it now provides access to a Taiwan-based Chinese eBook and eAudiobook platform known as HyRead. The books are written mainly in Traditional Chinese and provide material for adults, children, and teens.

HyRead content covers everything from cooking, travel, fiction, business, religion, politics, self-help, to language learning, children’s books, and educational materials. Parents will be happy to see the significantly increased quality of children’s materials available in HyRead when comparing to the children’s Chinese collection in OverDrive. Many HyRead children's books also come in a bilingual format with English text.

The platform provides full-text searching and also has apps available in the App Store, opens a new window and Google Play store, opens a new window. If the user does not wish to read a book using the apps, they can also view HyRead books in their web browser. Users will find the HyRead web interface intuitive, clean, and easy to use.