Doctor Who Series 11 Coming Fall 2018

Changes to the Doctor Who Series

Peter Capaldi, opens a new window has put away his sonic sunglasses and has given the key to the TARDIS to Jodie Whittaker, opens a new window, who will play the 13th incarnation of the Doctor. Whittaker made her trailer debut during the Doctor Who panel at Comic Con 2018. This is the first time we have seen her with her new companions and we also got a hint for how the show will play out with all the changes the show has undergone in the offseason.

In addition to the change of lead and supporting actors, the world’s longest running Sci-Fi program is also getting a new showrunner in the way of Chris Chibnall, opens a new window, the creator and writer of the crime drama, Broadchurch. British films and TV shows are notorious for hiring from the same pool, so to speak, and Doctor Who is no exception. David Tennant, opens a new window was the lead actor in the Chibnall’s Broadchurch and was of course the 10th Doctor, so it was not too much of a surprise when Whittaker was given the role, as she was also one of the lead actors in Broadchurch.

The regeneration of the Doctor is something that we as fans of the show have a bittersweet relationship with. On the one hand it is exciting to get a fresh take on the role, but on the other hand, we are forced to say goodbye to a character we have built a relationship with through the seasons and watched as the actor has fully embodied the role.

New Doctor, new showrunner, new companions, new composers. Everything is new.

Our last look at the Doctor was during the Christmas special, where the 1st Doctor and the 12th Doctor happen to cross time streams as each is about to regenerate. Both Doctors are hesitant to regenerate, but by the end they recognize the importance of letting go and welcoming change, an obvious parallel to the actual show itself.

Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor

Peter Capaldi was a wonderful Doctor. For someone of his acting caliber to have donned the role was a treat to watch, even when the stories were a bit dull or when they were clearly holdovers from Matt Smith, opens a new window's run. Peter gave us masterful performances in "Listen, opens a new window", "The Zygon Inversion, opens a new window", and the Emmy nominated "Heaven Sent, opens a new window". He quickly became my favorite Doctor. But the time has come for the Doctor to have a new face and for the first time we have a female doctor! I am beyond excited to see where the series goes and how all these new pieces come into play.

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